Season 2,

Episode 13: Plan, Goal and Execution

November 09, 2017
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Episode 13: Plan, Goal and Execution
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Welcome to the 13th episode of OzKoc and King Soccer Podcast Show

Sheik Mansour is certainly a man with a plan.

That is the sentiment around Ozkoc and King at the moment, with Manchester City taking the Premier League by storm. The blue half of Manchester is playing electric football and many are saying this team is looking to be the best in Premier League history. If they succeed in their mission, it’ll be the culmination of several years of rapid progression, uncommon in football. It wasn’t too long ago that City was second-class when it came to English hierarchy. “City used to be led by the likes of Stephen Ireland and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Now they have Sergio Agüero and Kevin De Bruyne,” Oz laughed.

“When Sheik Mansour and City Football Group took over, the club got better and better, year after year. A couple of league titles, domestic cups, and a Champions League semi-final later, and City is currently looking like one of the most likely teams to take over Europe.”

This abrupt change in the culture of a club is criticized by some, but there is no doubt that it can quickly bring success. As rare that it is, a transformation of this caliber has happened before. “Maybe Manchester City took inspiration from Chelsea, who could only dream of glory during decades of dominance by Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal,” said Kerry. “The introduction of Roman Abramovich to the club brought in tons of money and instant success. Now Chelsea is one of Europe’s elite.”

With new found glory comes new found fans, but the club’s die-hard oldies that can remember the not-so- glory days are still prevalent (they were in the third division as recently as twenty years-ago!), and they remain the heart and spirit of Manchester City. “Those long-time fans have been rewarded for their loyalty and patience,” Oz said. “They once could only dream of being the best in Manchester, let alone England. Now they hold the envy of much of Europe and the world.”

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Sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Owner of City Football Group

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