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Episode 6: Soccer Family

February 22, 2017
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Episode 6: Soccer Family
Welcome to the 6th episode of the Ozkoç and King Soccer Podcast Show

It goes without saying that family members, particularly parents and siblings, are among the greatest influences of our lives. We differ from the rest of our family in many ways, and we support each other no matter what, but it can be a wonderful thing when a son or daughter shares the same passions as their father or mother.

“My parents fully supported me playing soccer growing up,” says Kerry. “They both have a nice appreciation for sports, but neither of them has the same love for soccer that I do.” He would go on to say, “Of course, I don’t hold it against them and I don’t regret anything, but I think it would have been cool to have more of a soccer environment at home.”

It is always intriguing news when two family members meet on the football pitch. You can’t help but wonder “What was it like for these two back home?” “Will they play extra hard in order to impress their brother?” Or if they’re on the same team: “Is there some sort of special connection that these two share?” Oz is someone who did grow up in a football household and can answer some of these questions.

“It was great knowing you always had someone to talk to, to relate to. My brother and I would always understand how the other was feeling. We’d practice together all of the time. And if we were on the field at the same time, we would always know where to find each other.”

You get a different kind of soccer education when you come from a family that is involved in the sport. The basis of success of some world famous players might come down to the home they grew up in, to their soccer family environment.

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