Season 1,
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Episode 3: Life Coach

February 01, 2017
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Episode 3: Life Coach
Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Ozkoç and King Soccer Podcast Show

Virtually every action we do has consequences. Some are small, some are large. But no matter how big the consequence, we all have to live with them. It can be particularly tough when our actions and the consequences that follow them are scrutinized under the microscope. This aspect of a soccer player’s life is sometimes forgotten and can be the most cruel.

“Taking in what people say about you can be difficult, especially if what they’re saying is negative,” Oz said. “A big part of life is dealing with what they say and moving on in a way that you don’t get discouraged. Some handle criticism differently than others, but I think its important for people to understand that everyone gets criticized in some way or another and no one has to go through it alone.” He goes on to add, “As soccer players, we’ve all hit a bad pass, given up a goal, missed a penalty, or just had an overall bad game that would haunt our dreams for days.

” Those in the media will analyze and call out a player’s performance. Its their job. What they say can be harsh and sometimes unfair, but most athletes will soak in all of the criticism they receive and keep their frustrations bottled up inside. Because they know that any sort of outburst could taint their image and lead to more trouble.

“I find it interesting that sometimes our greatest critics are ourselves,” remarked Kerry. “Sometimes we couldn’t care less what other people think of us, but we’re so annoyed with ourselves that it affects how we do things.”

Now, there are a number of ways to over come criticism and Oz gives a couple of examples. “A great thing to do is to use whatever negative comments you get as motivation. Get fired up and prove the doubters wrong.” He continues by saying, “Also, remember that some people, such as teammates or coaches, are ready to guide you through any rough spell you may experience. Almost like a life coach.

” Criticism is a part of the game, and indeed life. But knowing how to overcome criticism is an important part of a soccer player’s career. And all of one’s teammates, friends, managers are there to help them take on the critics positively.

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