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Episode 12: Unlucky Soccer Bloopers

April 06, 2017
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Oz and King's Football Podcast
Episode 12: Unlucky Soccer Bloopers
Welcome to the 12th episode of the Ozkoç and King Soccer Podcast Show

Bloopers. They can bring so much joy to one person, but they come at a major expense to someone else. Every week in football, you can find at least one goal scored that is so comical, you’ll re-watch it just as much as a slalom run through six defenders. Conceding a blooper-like goal can be devastating, and they can be difficult to forget, but lingering on them can be bad for a footballer’s psyche.

“They can certainly be rough,” said Kerry. “Although, I’ve been lucky enough to never have been a part of anything too ridiculous. But, what people need to understand is that no matter how embarrassing or harmful a blooper is to a team, they happen to even the best of the best. I’ve seen Iker Casillas concede silly goals and Fernando Torres miss tap-ins.”

Oz would add on, “I think it’s also important to understand that crazy bloopers are often so rare for any particular player that they shouldn’t be judged too harshly on these types of mistakes. Now, if these mistakes happen with any sort of consistency, then there’s cause for worry.”

Now, bloopers aren’t all bad. In fact, because mistakes can be made, soccer gains some meaning. It provides an element of risk to the game and our successes are more rewarding because those risks have been avoided. “Soccer often brings happiness to many people,” says Oz, “but there is also a lot of stress in the game. It’s nice to occasionally witness an outrageous incident on the pitch and laugh about it.” He would go on to say, “And although the culprit will be initially upset, I’m sure after awhile even they will look back and chuckle at the thought.”


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